“W- COMVIS†: Water Meter Reader Application With Image Recognition For Billing Management

Arifa Nur Hasanah, Andika Andika


Water is the basic need for living things in this world, including human being. It is the daily
need that must be available every day, not only for the consumption but also for the other
activity as like washing. There are so many ways to fulfill their daily need including the clean
water such as using the water mater to get the water. By using water meter, people are able
to know the fee based on the water usage. However, practically, the water volume calculation
is still using manual method. The usage water of each person is recorded in a book and
reported to country treasurer. This affects the calculation into a problem for example when
there is a damage on the book of recorded water usage. As the developing technology,
therefore it is created an application to read the water meter by image recognition. The whole
system that is made is about the scanning of number water meter based on android. However,
this project will not discuss when the taken image is blur. This application is expected to
improve service optimally so that people will get easy access to their needs.

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