My TelU : Aplikasi mobile untuk civitas akademia Telkom University berbasis Flutter

Hanifan Nurul Haq, Muhammad Faishal Hasbi, Hariandi Maulid


In the era of globalization, the development of information technology is growing rapidly. The rapid development of information technology encourages universities, both public and private, to use information technology in order to be competitive and not out of date. Telkom University itself has implemented information technology in almost all academic activities. Starting from student registration, lecture scheduling, giving grades and others. Each of the information is divided into several websites. Of course it will be easier for users if the information spread across several websites can be grouped in one place so that it will be easy to access the information. Then Telkom University also has a lot of applications by the academic community of Telkom University, especially webbased applications so that a container is needed that is used to accommodate and introduce these applications. In addition, to increase engagement and social interaction in the Telkom University campus environment, an application that can be used to interact between the academic community of Telkom University is needed. then with the enactment of PPKM which forced lecture activities to be carried out online, it made it difficult for lecturers and students to make attendance. Based on the explanation above, a My Tel-U mobile application was developed that can facilitate lecture activities. This application can also accommodate and introduce applications from the academic community of Telkom University. In addition, the My Tel-U mobile application will have a mini social media feature that is useful for increasing engagement and social interaction in the Telkom University campus environment. Finally, the My Tel-U mobile application will have a presence feature using a QR code that is easy to use and reachable by lecturers and students. Keyword: Information Technology, Academic, Telkom University, Mobile Application

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