Analisis Teknik Pengolahan Makanan Halal Di 10 Binjai Restaurant Pnb Perdana Hotel And Suites On The Park, Kuala Lumpur 2017

Bestarika Rizky Angraini Putri, Vany Octaviany, Ratu Ratna Mulyati Karsiwi


With so many Muslims in the world traveling outside of the mapuin in the country, it needs an accommodation that is PNB Perdana Hotel And Suites On The Park that can meet the needs and desires of Muslim customers, one of them is halal food. Food is said to be halal if it meets the laws of sharia. Food is also said to be halal based on the way it is processed. A halal food should be processed in a lawful way as well. This study aims to find out and analyze how the halal food processing in 10 Binjai Restaurant PNB Perdana Hotel And Suites On The Park. The results stated that the preparation and processing of halal food should be clean and protected from unclean or dirt. When processing the food must also be based on standard recipe and can distinguish halal and haram food. Understand the principle of halal and haram based on Al-Quran. Keywords - Food Processing, Mise en Place, Halal Food.

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