Pengaruh Hospitality Terhadap Loyalitas Konsumen (studi Kasus Terhadap Grand Asrilia Hotel Bandung Tahun 2017)

Rama Winanda Ihsan, Sampurno Wibowo


This study aims to determine how much influence Hospitality to loyalty to Consumers Grand Asrilia Hotel Bandung. Population used in this research is consumer who ever or often use Grand Asrilia Hotel Bandung service. The sample in this research is 100 respondents, and sampling technique used in this research is a non probability sampling technique with purposive sampling approach (sampling based on certain considerations). In this research use quantitative descriptive analysis method. The analysis used among others, descriptive analysis, simple linear regression analysis, t test analysis, f test analysis and r square analysis. From the results of simple linear regression analysis with the formula y = a + bx obtained the results of regression coefficient X of 0, 549 or 54.9% and a constant value of 1.807 can be interpreted that the results of the equation successfully describe the relationship of independent variable (Hospitality) with the dependent variable (Loyalty), that is equal to 54.9%. Keywords: Hospitality, Loyalty, Grand Asrilia Hotel Consumers

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