Penerapan Kain Tenun Baduy Dengan Teknik Zero Waste Substraction Cutting Kedalam Busana Demi-Couture


  • Dinna Rahayu Putri Telkom University
  • Faradillah Nursari Telkom University


Abstract Fashion production is the second-largest producer of waste in the world after waste oil. Therefore, a movement called Zero Waste is needed to minimize the waste produced. There are several Zero Waste pattern techniques, and one of them is Subtraction Cutting. Thus, Subtraction Cutting has the potential to be used in the design of women's clothing. The final form of the Zero Waste pattern will be used as an inspiration for the design line to make Demi-Couture clothing with the addition of Baduy Weaving cloth as a fashion material. The final result of this study was in the form of Demi-Couture for 4 looks collection using the Zero Waste Subtraction Cutting technique as a technique and Baduy Weaving Suat Songket as the main material.

Keywords: Demi-Couture, Tenun Baduy, Zero Waste






Program Studi S1 Kriya