Pemanfaatan Limbah Kulit Buah Kakao Sebagai Pewarna Alam pada Produk Fesyen

Dien Wahyuni, Aldi Hendrawan


Indonesia has a vast variety of natural resources, especially in plant species. There are around 6000 species of plants that
are known to be utilized and have the potential to fulfill life needs. One of the plants that can be developed is cocoa. Coco a
fruit skin is a waste that has not been widely used only as an alternative to animal feed. where the cocoa peel has the
potential to produce color, so there is an effort to utilize cocoa peel waste to be used as natural dyes on fashion products.
The method used in this study is using the method of drying the sun and hot dyeing. The most optimal dyeing results are
found in hemp handspunt and hemp cotton. so that in this study five casual-style women's clothing has been created. The
aim of this research is to expect the development of cocoa peel waste which is used as natural coloring in fashion products.
Keywords: Cocoa Fruit Skin, Natural Coloring, Fashion Products

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