Pengaplikasian Teknik Block Printing Dengan Inspirasi Aksara Sunda Sebagai Produk Fesyen

Aida Sarah Nur Shadrina, M. Sigit Ramadhan


Abstract Block Printing is one of the first textile printing techniques that has more value and its own
characteristics. but over time the hand-blocked textile technique suffered a setback due to the diminishing
community of its makers and the rapidly advancing technology. As for one of the Sundanese tribes' relics, the
Sundanese alphabet, according to Gita Tresna Sakti (2012), currently the government's efforts in the introduction
and preservation of Sundanese scripts have not received a satisfactory response from the community. In
connection with these two things, the author was inspired to use the Block Printing Technique which is one of the
Techniques in the fashion world as a technique for applying Sundanese script as a textile pattern in a fashion
product in the form of Ready to Wear deluxe clothing as an effort to reintroduce both Block Printing and
Sundanese script to the younger generation so as not to be forgotten as with the times.
Keywords: Block Printing, Sundanese Script, Fashion Products

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