Pengaplikasian Teknik Block Printing dengan Inspirasi Gorga Batak Ipon-Ipon

Olivia Yvonne, M. Sigit Ramadhan


Abstract The block printing technique is a printing technique on textiles where carved wood is pressed along the
fabric to form a motif. Along with the development and advancement of technology in the era of modernization, block
printing techniques are being abandoned because the process takes a long time. The development of the era also led to
the reduction of people building residential houses using gorga ornaments due to the more expensive manufacturing
costs and simpler modern architectural influences. Gorga has 2 ways in making it, namely by drawing and carving.
The function of gorga is not just for home, the transfer of gorga application has been done a lot. Gorga has also been
applied as an inspiration for motifs in fashion design[7]. In connection with these two things, the author was inspired
to use the block printing technique with the inspiration of the ipon-ipon batak gorga as a fashion product in the form
of ready-to-wear deluxe clothing. This was done as one of the efforts in the development of block printing and batak
gorga to remain known along with the times.
keywords Block Printing, Gorga Batak, Fashion Products

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