Pengembangan Motif Kain Tenun Songket Siak Khas Riau pada Produk Fesyen

Mentari Mentari, Morinta Rosandini


Abstract One of the most famous Riau’s culture which still maintained and preserved until now is Malay Siak Traditional
Songket Weaving Motifs. Unfortunately, in this time of its development process, people start to ignore the rules in case to fulfil
what buyer wants. As the result, a lot of people includes the Riau society don’t have any idea about neither the meaning of the
motifs that contained inside the Songket nor the compositing rules as the special character of this songket. Therefore, this
research is made to be one of the efforts to bring back the knowledge about the characteristic of Malay Siak Traditional
Songket Weaving motifs and the compositing rules.. This research use descriptive qualitative method and source of references.
Data collecting method is observation to Siak and data literature. The output of this research is clothing that using a printed
fabric that contained the result of developing and exploring the motifs of Malay Siak Traditional Songket Weaving that fits the
market target.
Keywords Malay, Motifs, Songket Siak

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