Penggabungan Teknik Block Printing dan Tie Dye dengan Inspirasi Tokoh Mitologi Batara Kala

Rika Heryanti, M. Sigit Ramadhan


Abstract Combining block printing and tie dye techniques is still rare, because usually the two techniques are
used separately. That is what became the background of the Researcher to combine block printing and tie dye
techniques with the inspiration of the Batara Kala Mythology Figure which is expected to be an alternative
technique and motive. The methods carried out include qualitative aimed at strengthening research data,
including literature studies, exploration, and observation. The results of the application of these two decorative
textile techniques will be made into sheets of material with natural fiber material which will be processed as
proof of fashion products in the form of three pieces ready-to-wear deluxe clothing.
Keywords Block Printing, Tie Dye, Batara Kala

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