Pengaplikasian Plastik Pet (polyethylene Terephthalate) Sebagai Embellishment

Putri Aulia Yahya, Marissa Cory Siagian


Plastic materials are widely used in various daily needs such as household appliances,
electronics, and even fashion products such as synthetic fabrics or embellishment.
Embellishment is an ornament that becomes a decorative element in clothing using materials,
which is plastic. The type of plastic commonly used for embellishment is LDPE, a hard type
thermoplastic plastic, while PET plastic is rarely used because this plastic is a softer
thermoplastic that is usually only used for beverage packaging. Meanwhile, there are several
studies that say PET plastic can be a decorative element in clothing if it has been processed.
Based on the characteristics it has, the most effective processing process is using heating
techniques or hot textile, the plastic will go through several processes until it finally becomes
an embellishment which is then applied to clothing using surface design techniques, namely
Keyword: Plastic, embellishment, hot textile, Embroidery.

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