Locality Culture As A Advertising Creative Strategy


  • Gandara Permana Telkom University


The world of advertising currently has experienced extraordinary developments. Advertising Industry vying produce advertisements with the idea of "wild" and creative, though largely a global advertising industry Imaging West. The ranks of both academics and professional advertising stressed about local identity as one of the creative strategy in advertising-advertising Indonesia. The methods used in this research is to use descriptive method, which aims to systematically describe facts or specific areas in a factual and accurate, this method also uses the analysis of discourse. The analysis of the discourse is used to provide an overview of the visual display ads with the theme of the culture of Indonesia. Using the cultural approach, the author will examine local values in advertising as one of creative advertising strategy. Creative strategies are commonly used in advertising as one of the efforts in reaching the target audience. Associated with the phenomenon of the rise of local cultural elements in various fields can be inferred consumer behavior greatly affect sales of products offered through a cultural approach.

Keywords: Locality of culture, creative strategy, advertising