Designing Digital Diorama For History’s Information System (Case Study: Gedung Merdeka, Bandung)


  • Heliana Rositawati Telkom University
  • Imam Santosa Telkom University
  • Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto Telkom University


History, as one of the most important matthers in urban plamming, needs to be remembered, preserverd and apprectated by all citizens. Urban faclity for preserving history is museum, with various exhibition objects inside, such as diorama. The role of digital media in museum raise a variety of new alternative dirama's form, which can present the limitations of information that cannot be served by an ordinary diorama.

The designof this research is focused on Gedung Merdeka as one of historical building in Bandung. This study uses exporatory method for designing a digital diorama. The media exploration is using the principles of spatial augmented reality, perform by projection mapping on the miniature of Gedung Merdeka .

This study resulted a model of digital diorama that useful as an alternative form of media exhibition in the mmuseum. One of the key words in a digital diorama of excellence is 'sensation' and 'perspective, ears (verbal narration)' brain (information form visual narrative) and touch (touch screen interactive). Interactivity is design that user can freely decide which events are displayed in a digital diorama.

Keywords : forced perpective, diorama digital, spatial augmented reality, projection mapping, Gedung Merdeka.