Application For Lightning Setting And Layout Performance Of Audience Interaction With Playeron Stagingin Saung Udjo

Santi Salayanti


With the concept of a building that has a distinctive concept West Java Sundanese of, researchers are interested in analyzing the physical form from Bale KaresmenSaungAngklungUdjo because this building is one part of the most commercial from all the parts that under in the region of SaungAngklungUdjo. The building also is supposed to be given special attention in the development of maintenance, both in terms of completeness of its facilities as well as in the physical development of the building. So that able to create "corporate identity" a company became an international level. The physical condition of the dominant buildings using plaster techniques that was smoothed of as usual, with physical some parts using of natural stone and wood. It's just that in some parts there are uses of bamboo material, in order to remain reflects Saung Angklung that is made from bamboo. However, these bamboos less have many functions, tend as additional ornaments or additional decorations are buildings. Shape of building with pavilion concept, the ceiling and the roof took basic shape of the roof of Julang Ngapak with material selection of iron frame, then using wood and covered with bamboo material. Seated position of audience while following the show which took place at Bale Karesmen Saung Angklung Udjo, consisting of 5 levels sitting coupled with the dividing wall that used to sit. Therefore the lighting on the Bale Karesemen as a arena theater is an important thing, since Lighting is one of supporting comfort of the audience in interact with the show. The important discussion about lighting (Lighting) in staging Lighting is the lighting equipment arrangement, in this case is to to illuminate the stage in support of a staging. All kinds of performances conducted at Saung Angklung Udjo meaning very strong interaction, performanceshave meaninginteraction, here the authors limit on regular performances in the morning and during the day only.

Keywords : Stage, Lighting, Performance, Angklung Udjo,

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