Creative Social Campaign For Goverment Program


  • M. Syahril Iskandar Universitas Computer Indonesia (UNIKOM)


The rise of social campaigns Friendly Bandung featuring visual image of some smiling citizens of Bandung has becoming an interesting studied. The research reveals a visual meaning of the tag line Friendly Bandung. Billboard campaign conducted visualization of some citizen of Bandung representing a Friendly Bandung. Visual image is a phenomenon of visual communication that transmits messages (government) to the message receiver (the people).Visual signs in text and still images is a representation of an object that produces a different understanding in viewing the visual object in semiotics study. Researchers used the model Pierce semiotic analysis method to determine the visual meaning, using three variations Pierce semiotic analysis of signs: Firstly, secondly, and thirdly method. This study is a qualitative research. Data analysis using textual analysis which are related to the content of a text or discourse itself. The purpose of this study is to produce a visualization guide social campaigns in Indonesia, which is more persuasive - arouse public awareness of the main goals of the campaign, so that government programs can be done well. The results of this study may also be published in a scientific journal.