Characteristic Of Batik Tulis Gedhog Of Kerek Subdistrict, Tuban Regency, East Java, As The Community’s Batik

Fajar Ciptandi, Agus Sachari, Achmad Haldani


Textile, according to local people of Tuban Regency, Kerek Subdistrict, East Java, Indonesia is not merely an ordinary body cover, but an object contains of myth and spiritual values. The way people of Kerek appreciate the life cycle is by describing it through visualization on their traditional textile made by batik (a technique to make motifs on fabrics using color resistance called wax) technique. In terms of textile production technique as well as function, batik Kerek has unique characteristics. It shows as if batik Kerek has its own characteristic if it compares to other batik such as batik Keraton and batik Pesisir (coastal batik). Through design and craft discipline, as well as ethnography methods, this research will attempt to find basic characteristic of traditional batik Kerek.

Keywords: Batik, Gedhog, Kerek Subdistrict, the Community‟s Batik

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