Communication and Crisis Management in Emergency: A Case Study of Engine’s Breakdown


  • Alfi Dinda Sasantie Universitas Indonesia
  • Firman Kurniawan Universitas Indonesia


The purpose of this study is two-fold: (1) to examine communication of leadership during emergency and (2) to investigate engagement between communication and crisis management to restore organization’s objectives. This qualitative study conducted with case study method. The data were collected interview to informant and moderate observation. The study found that one of leader at PT. Bayu Maritim Berkah (BMB) using transactional leadership model and taskoriented style. He also use his power as autocratic. Meanwhile, the communication pattern in BMB during emergency is All-Channel Pattern. The finding of the study shows that BMB used its model and style due to time-efficiency. It also shows that BMB only perform to respond emergency during the situation and lack of prevention and evaluation.


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