Pembangunan Aplikasi Borang Akreditasi Prodi Berbasis Aps 4.0 Sub Kegiatan Pengelolaan Basis Data

Dadan Nurohman, Roswan Latuconsina, Ashri Dinimaharawati


Abstrak Automatic First Arrival Picking adalah sistem yang bisa mendapatkan P-Wave atau gelombang pertama yang datang pada gelombang gempa bumi. Karena P-Wave adalah gelombang yang pertama datang maka dibutuhkan penelitian yang dapat mendapatkan kedatangan P-Wave secara otomatis. Pada penelitian ini memiliki tujuan untuk membuat sistem Automatic First Arrival Picking dan menguji performansi metode yang nantinya akan mendapatkan hasil Picking P-Wave dan akurasi dari metode klasifikasi Support Vector Machine (SVM). Data sampel gempa bumi harus melalui tahap Feature Extraction terlebih dahulu agar hasilnya dapat digunakan sebagai masukan pada metode klasifikasi SVM. Pada data sampel penelitian ini S-Wave dan Noise dianggap sebagai No P-Wave, jadi hanya ada dua klasifikasi pada SVM yaitu P-Wave dan No P-Wave. Hasil pada penelitian tugas akhir ini mendapatkan sistem Automatic First Arrival Picking dengan performansi accuracy sebesar 88.00%, precision sebesar 90.00%, recall sebesar 73.50%, f1-score sebesar 78.00%. Kata Kunci : Picking, First Arrival Picking, P-Wave, SVM Abstract Accreditation is a formal recognition given by an accreditation organization to institutions or organizations. Simply accreditation is the value of the campus or school in several criterias. Therefore, accreditation is an important point of an institution or organization. To get the assessment, tertiary institutions must meet the nine criterias set by the BAN-PT or the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. At the time of making accreditation forms currently using the manual method. It causes the accreditation process to be long and complicated. This problem gives an idea to create a tool to facilitate the compilation of data forms more quickly and efficiently. Information system is a system that provides information for information technology in an organization. The rapid development of technology in the field of information technology makes efficiency in disseminating information from one party to another quickly. The Final project conducted by this author about the application of APS 4.0 accreditation forms, using the normalization database, database design using relational databases, this project expected to help produce application compilation of files and data forms to facilitate accreditation based on APS 4.0 . Using the relational database method in database development, and the use of functionality, structural and black box methods for testing the study program form application can be said to have run perfectly and meet the overall system requirements. The use of the black box method to see the functionality and structural data base that has been created, creating a database in this study program form application can reduce data redundancy that is not needed on the system. Keywords: Accreditation, Forms, normalization database, relational database.

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