Proposed Improvement Of Marketing Communication On E’katering Using Analytic Network Process And Benchmarking Method

Eka Paksi Estiawan, Budi Praptono, Maria Dellarosawati


Abstract E’katering is the service company that provide food for events such as gathering night, social gathering, seminar, etc. The kitchen is located in Pasteur, Bandung and has 1 employee. The target market of E’katering is from students until adults who are 18-35 years old. The problems faced by E'katering are negative trends of unit sales and sales target which were not achieved every year. Based on preliminary survey results, this can occur due to lack of Brand Awareness of the people of Bandung. Therefore, it is necessary to improve E'katering's marketing communications in order to increase Brand Awareness of the people of Bandung. This research aims to assist E'katering in increasing sales and Brand Awareness through the proposed marketing communication program. The marketing communication program design in this research uses the Benchmarking method with the Analytical Network Process (ANP) tool. The Benchmarking method is used to propose an improvement of marketing communication program from the chosen Benchmark Partner and for adjustments that will be applied to E'katering. ANP is used to determine the appropriate benchmark partner for E’katering based on marketing communication mix. The proposed marketing communication programs for E’katering include Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Public Relations and Publicity, Event & Experience, Personal Selling, and Social Media Marketing.

Keywords: Brand Awareness, SMEs, Analytic Network Process, Benchmarking, Marketing Communication, Benchmark Partners

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