Automated Guided Vehicle Design Using Inductive Line Following Method On As/rs As A Simulation In Skill Development Center Of Automation Industrial Engineering Faculty Telkom University


  • Prasetia Pramudita Yuliarso Telkom University
  • Haris Rachmat Telkom University
  • Tatang Mulyana Telkom University


Abstract This paper study about the simulation of how AGV work using Robotino®. The simulation is needed as a material for studying about AGV. The use of Robotino® as an AGV because the characteristics is similar with AGV. It will pick up material and transport it from one workstation to another workstation using inductive line as a guidance. After that it arrive in another workstation, it will put down the material on the workstation. To be able to move safely on the inductive line, it can use speed of 200 mm/s.

Keywords: AGV, inductive line






Program Studi S1 Teknik Industri