Design Product Spectrum Analyzer Using Arduino To Analyze Signal Spectrum In 32-Band Audio

Matahari Matahari, Nyoman Bogi Aditya Karna, Ridha Muldina


The role of the Spectrum Analyzer becomes very important for song editors, however it turns
out that Spectrum Analyzer for these needs is still difficult to find, which generally exists
only for needs with a limited frequency range for other needs besides song correction needs
that require a 32-band audio signal spectrum. In addition, Spectrum Analyzer for 32-band
audio signal spectrum generally integrated in a set of audio system devices that are relatively
expensive and not separated, even though not all features of the audio system are used by
editors. Arduino MEGA Board is available with an Analog to Digital converter (ADC)
feature that is used to convert audio input signals into digital samples. The ADC is configured
to sample the input signal with a clock frequency of 38.46 kHz. This is achieved by
configuring the ADC pre-scaler to 32. Sampling frequency of 38.64 kHz means that digital
samples can reproduce input frequencies up to 19.32 kHz (Nyquist theorem) which is good
enough for audio signals. The result analysis from spectrum analyzer product can be used
as song or music correction, the 32-band audio graphic bar will show if the audio signal run
properly. The mark up pricing method used on Sales price analysis. New innovation to
combine 2 functions into 1 product design. The analysis survey of this product shows that all
respondents very agree if this product marketed at a low price compared to the previous products.

Keywords: Spectrum Analyzer, Arduino Mega, Result Analysis, Song, 32-Band Audio, Mark Up Pricing, Innovation and Low Cost.

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