Developing IoT Platform With Software As A Service (SaaS) Model For Image Storage System

Dionisius Defilios Hero, Nyoman Bogi Aditya Karna, Istikmal Istikmal


This paper proposes an IoT platform for image
storage system using software as a service (SaaS) model. A wireless surveillance system with IoT architecture is more efficient
in using storage and uses less bandwidth than a conventional
surveillance system. This paper aims to accommodate the specifications for such IoT platform by using the SaaS model. The
IoT platform, in the form of a Flask web application framework
and MongoDB database server, uses a virtual machine (VM) in a
public cloud service to connect to the camera nodes and to store
the transmitted images. To fulfill the SaaS model, customized
web services and lightweight web-based client applications are
developed to manage the camera nodes and display the stored
images. This paper proposes an experiment using real-time
transmission of sample images sent from a simulated camera
node to the IoT platform through a public network. During the
experiment, the quality of service of the IoT platform is measured
and analyzed using TShark and Free Monitoring by MongoDB
to determine whether the IoT platform meets the requirements
for an image storage system with SaaS model that can be used
for a wireless surveillance system. The proposed IoT platform is
able to provide an average delay of 435.3 milliseconds with no
packet loss and an average rate of insert and read operations
performed of 2.83 operations per second and 2.26 operations per
second respectively. Furthermore, the CPU usage of the VM is
below 2.5% and the memory usage is below 39% during the

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