Feasibility Study Investment Analysis On Distribution Water Supply System Development Of Pdam Delta Tirta Sidoarjo From Marketing Aspect, Technical Aspect, And Financial Aspect

Atika Emma Wulandari, Endang Chumaidiyah, Sinta Aryani


PDAM Delta Tirta is a Regional Water Company that owned by Sidoarjo Goverment as a regional
goverment. In running its business there are several obstacles that are experienced by PDAM Delta Tirta
Sidoarjo. One of them is the lack of water distribution capacity for customers. Based on interviews with
PDAM Delta Tirta Sidoarjo, PDAM Delta Tirta Sidoarjo plans to expand its business by doing an investment
in water supply system development. Based on the problems and business development plan, an incremental
feasibility analysis is carried out. The aspects that taking into consideration are market aspect, technical
aspect and financial aspect. Based on feasibility analysis conducted shows that PDAM Delta Tirta’s business
development plan is feasible to be done. This is because the NPV value of business development plan is Rp
134.832.836.204,79, IRR of 9.6% and PBP of 4,730 years. Meanwhile, based on the incremental feasibility
calculation, the NPV value is Rp 82,176,572,724.92an IRR of 10.7%. In addition, the sensitivity analysis
shows that PDAM Delta Tirta's business investment is sensitive to a decrease in selling price by 6.37% and a
decrease in demand by 6.16%.

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