Gain Enhancement Of A Plannar Monopole Antenna With Circular Shape Using Artificial Magnetic Conductor (amc) Structure For Ultra-wideband (uwb) Applications

Nofal Varian Perdana, Agus Dwi Prasetyo, Edwar Edwar


Ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas that are more widely developed and needed
in modern times such as this have many advantages. Having a very wide
frequency range of 3.1GHz-10.6GHz makes this antenna has added value at an
unnecessary large average cause the efficiency of this antenna is not efficient
enough. In addition, directivity also affects the increase in gain, namely
the greater the gain, the radiation pattern produced, the energy emitted can
focus on the direction of the main beam and the energy can select a larger
place.This final project discuss about gain enhancement of plannar monopole
antenna with circular shape and Artificial Magnetic Conductor(AMC) ground.
By sampling a number of UWB working antenna frequencies it can be seen the
average increase in gain of the antenna. For the purposes of validation an
antenna is needed to be designed for the prototype to be launched. The
prototype be calculated and compared with the simulation
results.This result of this final project is the planar monopole antenna with
with circular shape using artificial magnetic conductor (AMC)structure for
ultra-wideband applications based for the antenna designned and
implemented.UWB antenna improves the gain for entire UWB range, a peak
gain of 14.51 dBi at 3.6 GHz are obtained.Miniaturized structure with high
gain makes this design better candidate,especially for outdoor UWB
Keywords: Ultra-wideband(UWB), Gain, VSWR, Radiation Pattern, Planar
Monopole Antenna, Artificial Magnetic Conductor(AMC)

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