Rectangular Patch Microstrip Antenna With Trapezoidal-cut Groundplane Method For Ultrawideband

M Rifqi Naufal, Agus Dwi Prasetyo, Trasma Yunita


The development of telecommunication technology for wireless communication both voice
and data is growth very rapidly over the last two decades. This could potentially lead to
lack of sources in a particular spectrum frequency. However there are fact that show the
existence of gaps in occupancy frequency, Where some spectrum usage sometimes wasted.
One of the problem in wireless communication is the availability of frequency spectrum.
As more and more devices go wireless, future technologies will face spectral crowding, and
coexistence of wireless devices will be a major issue. Ultrawide bandwidth offers attractive
solutions for many wireless communication areas. In this undergraduate thesis the antenna
that has a very wide operating bandwidth can overcome the the usage of the spectrum
without interfering the narrowband system, higher capacity of users so that can be suitable
for wireless communication system nowdays. The technique that used to obtain a wide
bandwidth is by forming the antenna groundplane into trapezoidal-cut with rectangular
patch for the antenna. Designing of a microstrip antenna with trapezoidal-cut groundplane
antenna that works and reviewed in the frequency range 1-12 GHz is simulated using a
software to investigate and obtain an antenna design that meets the proposed specifications
and is followed by the realization of the bowtie antenna structure.The antenna is realized
with the FR-4 substrate with dielectric constant 4.3 and thickness of 1.6 mm. The antenna
simulation shows that the antenna works at frequency 8.53 - 12 GHz with bandwidth value
is 3.41 GHz, VSWR value obtained is 1.13 at frequency 10.163 GHz. In the realization of the
antenna measurements were obtained bandwidth of 3.11 GHz with frequency range 8.4 -
11.51 GHz, VSWR value obtained is 1.50 at frequency 10.163 GHz. From the antenna
design and realization results show that the antenna hasfulfil the antenna characteristic for
ultrawideband characteristic.
Keyword— UWB, Trapezoidal-cut structure, VSWR, Bandwidth, Returnloss

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