Online Business Design And Information System Development Of Website Zaura Hijab Using The Waterfall Method

Laila Rizkya Nur Latifah, Endang Chumaidiyah, Wawan Tripiawan


Hijab is currently a mood of mode that is quite developed in Indonesian society, where according to data of
the Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia 87% or estimated to reach 229.62 million people from the
Indonesian community is Muslims (The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-
2050, 2019). Muslim clothing for women each year has a significant increase, namely in 2017 is in the rank
(49.8%), 2018 (50.55%), and followed in 2019 by (52.5%). The sales system that takes place in Zaura Hijab
is still done manually, namely the owner and the customer directly using social media and directly. Then
with the development of information systems carried out a review and improvement on existing businesses.
Both in existing business processes and proposals are classified based on Real Value Added, Benefit Value
Added, and Non Value Added. So that the proposed business process can be described using several tools
such as Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Class Diagram. Obtained comparison of
activities based on activity based on the cycle time of the bsinis process of the proposed business process
with a total of 660.01 minutes in the system, faster than the existing business process with the amount of
1369.75minute. By comparing the efficiency of each business process, it is obtained for value in existing
businesses of 0.6905 or 69.05% while for businesses proposed get 0.8073 or 80.73% . this indicates that the
proposed system can have advantages based on its efficient level of cycle time. By doing multiple regression
analysis it can be concluded that there is an effect of website appearance and efficiency factors on customer
satisfaction. With the coefficient of determination of 64.8%, the effect of website appearance and efficiency
factors on employee satisfaction is 94.5%, and the rest are factors that influence outside not included in the
Keywords: System Information, Waterfall, Customer, Website, Labor, Efisiensi.

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