Pengaruh Fokus Pelanggan, Dukungan Manajemen Puncak, Peningkatan Proses Dan Pengendalian Kualitas Serta Teknologi Introduksi Terhadap Kinerja Operasional Pada Produksi Kopi Perusahaan Cct Di Timor-leste

Almerindo Bianco Sequeira, Luciana Andrawina, Ilma Mufidah


An important area in the company is the operational field that ensures business operations
to improve the company's operational performance over a certain period. The purpose of
this study is to propose a conceptual model for further research on the effect of superior
management support and coffee introduction technology to improve company
operational performance. Operational performance refers to the company's capability,
which is indicated by the aspects of cost, production volume, fulfilment of demand,
customer handling, process control and quality. A number of data will be required and
collected in this study to test the existing hypothesis models. The data were collected
using a questionnaire that was distributed directly to individual workers in the company
with positive questions on a 6-point measurement scale from strongly agree to strongly
disagree. Data processing will be carried out using the SEM-AMOS method. One of the
results of operational performance is customer focus, which is the orientation of a series
of services provided to customers to improve customer satisfaction. The mechanism for
eliminating waste and creating added value for the company is process control and
improvement at every stage of the process in the company. The results of this study
present a conceptual model for further research with the aim of knowing the effect of
superior management support, consumer focus, and process control, and coffee
introduction technology on the operational performance of CCT companies in TimorLeste

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