Proposed Improvement Of Knowledge Management In Pt Xyz With Knowledge Management Maturity Method

Naufal Liandi Baskara, Amelia Kurniawati, Nurdinintya Athari


PT XYZ a manufacturing company has implemented knowledge management to some extent. During 2018 the company lost about 400 employees due to mass resignation and recruited 200 new employees. These events cause some concerns to PT XYZ. To be able to compete in the market the company wanted to know the level of their current knowledge maturity level and what program can the company do to improve it. An assessment must be made to answer the formulated problem. This research use the APO-KM assessment tools to measure the company knowledge maturity level and to develop KM implementation program. The level of maturity will determine the KM Objective to improve its level which leads to choosing which KM Initiatives to take. KM pilot program plan will be developed based on the KM Initiatives that were taken. This study found that KM maturity level in PT XYZ is at refinement level. To improve its knowledge maturity level, several factors need to be improved are: (1) Support from top management; (2) Organized system for better managing crisis situation; (3) Small team performance; (4) IT infrastructure. This study proposed programs such as (1) Knowledge café and Community of Practice implemented with storytelling; (2) Creation of Collaborative Virtual Workspace; (3) Implementation of VOIP in knowledge portal. Keywords: APO-KM assessment tools, Initiatives program, Knowledge management, Maturity level

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