Business Process Improvement Of Sme Om Brekele Chips For Fulfillment Cppb-irt Criteria And Halal Certification Using Bpi Method

Mohamad Iqbal Abu Arifin, Wiyono Wiyono, Sheila Amalia Salma


Small and medium enterprises Om Brekele Chips is one of the SMEs engaged in food processing that produces processed cassava. SME Om Brekele Chips plans to enter supermarkets. However, to enter a supermarket, there are several requirements including ownership of SPP-IRT (Home Industry Management Permit) and Halal Certificate. To get both, SMEs must have business processes that comply with the CPPB-IRT criteria and Halal Certification. The appropriate business processes are obtained from the identification of the fulfillment of the CPPB-IRT criteria and Halal Certification with the existing business process conditions The BPI method includes analysis of RVA, BVA and NVA activities followed by a simplification process using 12 streamlining tools, including Standardization, Supplier Partnership, Automation, Upgrading, Bureaucracy Elimination, Duplication Elimination, Simplification, and Simple Language. In the BPI method, there are several analysis of fulfillment business process activities, including 31 RVA activities, 78 BVA activities, and 1 NVA activity. Then the RVA and BVA activities that were improved include 43 activities carried out by Standardization, 11 activities carried out by Supplier Partnership, 8 activities carried out by Automation, 9 activities by Bureaucracy Elimination, 3 activities by Simplification, 3 activities by Duplication Elimination, 11 activities by Simple Language, and 5 activities by upgrading is done. From the results of the analysis of activities in the business process of fulfilling the CPPB-IRT criteria and Halal Certification, there is a proposed business process that is grouped into several large activity groups based on Om Brekele Chips UKM. The proposed business process will be documented in the form of an SOP to be implemented in the management of Om Brekele Chips SMEs. Keywords : CPPB-IRT, Halal Certification, BPI, SOP, SME

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