Designing Project Guidelines Based On Responsibility Assignment Matrix In The Organization Of Node-b Fiber Optic Retraction Project At Pt. Xyz


  • Cheldric Praditya Geordannie Telkom University
  • Wawan Tripiawan Telkom University
  • Putu Yasa Telkom University


PT.XYZ has a Node-B fiber optic retraction project at Sentral Telepon Otomatis (STO) Rancaekek. The process of implementing and working on the project submitted by the vendor. In the project, an error occurred during the installation carried out by the vendor. After the analysis, the field supervisor found a delay in understanding the management core process. It can be completed in 1 day but in reality it was delayed 4 days. It is because the workers from vendor neglect to read one of the important documents, which is management core. Optical Network Terminal (ONT) can be physically connected to Optical Termination Box (OTB) using a patchcord, but when configured by the system, Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is not detected. This is due to a mismatch between the brand & type of Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with the brand & type of Optical Line Termination (OLT) in Sentral Telepon Otomatis (STO) Telkom. Vendor workers do trial and error 3 times before it can be resolved. In this research, the assignment matrix was designed using the RACI Matrix method. RACI Matrix is one of the technical methods and tools to support the design of the assignment matrix on the project. The RACI Matrix which consists of Responsibility, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed aims to determine the clarity of roles and responsibilities for each individual in each activity. In this Node-B project there is no clarity regarding roles and responsibilities, thus causing miscommunication between individuals. The final output of this research is in the form of project guidelines. The project guidelines are recommended for project workers from vendor such as site manager, site coordinator, vendor admin, and team workers for similar projects in the future. From this project guidelines, it can be seen who the Person In Charge (PIC) for each activity and how many resources are needed for each activity. Keywords : Project, Project Management, RACI Matrix, Project Guidelines






Program Studi S1 Teknik Industri