Analysis Of Occupational Health And Safety (Ohs) Risk In The 50 Kg Tube Welding Assembly Process At Pt Pindad Using The Hirarc (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment And Risk Control) Method


  • Raihan Zhafranu Firstian Rizky Telkom University
  • Sri Widaningrum Telkom University
  • Sheila Amalia Salma Telkom University


PT Pindad is a company engaged in the
manufacturing industry, which involves the production process
as well as a lot of critical operational work, this raises concerns
regarding the continuity of the activity process, where it is
possible to cause work accidents ranging from minor to major,
which causes serious injuries and even death. The purpose of
this study is to identify the hazards and risks that occur and also
provide suggestions for improving the occupational safety and
health management system at PT Pindad. An analysis has been
carried out based on the problems encountered using a fishbone
diagram. Therefore, the HIRARC method was chosen as a
support for solving existing problems at PT Pindad. This
research uses a qualitative descriptive research method.
Identification was carried out on 23 activities, and after carrying
out a risk assessment based on HIRARC, 3 risks were found and
the causes of events that gave rise to high risk factors were
identified, namely, welding process activities, operator or
worker position activities in welding, and material refining
activities. The proposed design of OHS risk control is given by
referring to five risk control hierarchies: elimination,
substitution, engineering, administration, and personal
protective equipment.

Keywords— HIRARC, OHS, Work Accident





Program Studi S1 Teknik Industri