Production Plan To Minimize Production Cost In Cv Una Surya Putra Mandiri


  • Syahidan Fauzan Prakasa Telkom University
  • Dida Diah Damayanti Telkom University
  • Nopendri Nopendri Telkom University


Indonesia as the world's archipelagic country have
Indonesia have almost 3,8 million hectares of coconut plant. That
lead Indonesia to one of the biggest countries in exporting the
coconut product. One of the products that has been exported is
desiccated coconut. The interest of desiccated coconut is
increasing in several countries. CV Una Surya Putra Mandiri is
one of the that producing the desiccated coconut. This company
use the principle of make to stock because of the raw material that
was easy to be spoiled. Due to the uncertainty of the demand
fluctuations, the company was struggling in producing the righty
amount of product. So, the production of the company mostly get
overproduction that cause the overstock in inventory while the
production must go on. Based on the problem occur, this research
has an objective to minimize the overproduction and backorder. In
minimized the production cost, they are needing a production
planning. In the other word, production planning will be
determined the forecasting demand, the resource availability, and
the schedule to fulfil the demand. The output in this research is
finding the minimum production cost using the planned
production to fulfil the demand

Keywords: Production Planning, Demand Forecasting, Rough
Cut Capacity Planning, Scheduling, Uncontrolled Production


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