Instagram As Existence Of Phornography Exhibition (An Ethography Of Communicaiton Study On Gay Men Who Work As Nude Model And Massage Therapy)


  • Mediana Handayani Telkom University
  • Dio Herman Saputro Telkom University


The purpose of this study was to explore how instagram accounts used by gay men who works as nude model and  massage  therapist  to  distribute  pornography  and  their  existence  on  instagram.  Computer  mediated communication, symbolic interactionism, impression management strategy, the hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow,  and  pornography  theories  are  served  as  a  theoritical  framework.  This  study  is  conducted  by  an enthnoraphic of communication research method and semiotic Charles Pierce which consist form as sign, object, and interpretant as data analysis technique to anaylze the meaning of visualization of pornographic which have been  constructed  by  nude  model  and  massage  therapist.  Data  has  been  collected  by  literature  review  and observation.  The  result  showed  that  the  pornography  of  representation  through  their  pictures  was  physical perfection. They uploaded their part of physical perfection by a camera handphone in vulgary as for the sexual object so that another instagram account  user could see and savor it. Their impression management startegy was self-promotion and exemplication to promote their body and made it as the example of ideal body for another instagram  user  account.  They did it to transform the values of pornographic culture as the foundation of their own existence. 

Keywords: Instagram, Gay Men, Pornography, Ethnography, Existence