Strategy Socialization of Media Literacy in Education Institution (Case Study Dissemination Media Literacy KPID West Java In Karawang)


  • Reni Nuraeni Telkom University
  • Agus Aprianti Telkom University


Understanding  of  media  use  among  students  continues  to  be  done,  therefore  the educational  institutions  as  a  means  of  doing  media  literacy,  therefore  this  study focused  on  how  the  stages  KPID  West  Java  to  socialize  in  Karawang  City  and  how strategies  used  by  teachers  in  presenting  the  material  socialization.  This  study  uses qualitative  research  case  study.  Results  of  this  research  was  carried  socialization material  KPID  accordance  with  the  stages  of  media  literacy,  while  teachers socialization  participants  do  some  learning  strategies  in  presenting  the  material,  the strategy of the teacher as a lecturer, teacher as a manager and as a teacher coordinator. In  use,  the  strategy  lecture  is  the  most  frequently  used.  Teachers  socialization participants  also  have  to  make  changes  behavior  against  the  mass  media  has  been evident from the complaints of the participants socialization to KPID West Java.   

Keywords: KPID West Java, socialization, media literacy.