Understandi Indonesian Youth Communication Behaviors In The New Digital Era


  • Kohar Sulistyadi Sahid University


The  development  of  Internet  penetration  rate  in  Indonesia  brings  many  internet-based  applications  in  various platforms of digital telecommunication equipments, such as: personal computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. This phenomena  creates  various  internet-based  applications  both  for  personal  and  corporate  usage  that  have  been developed  in-order  to  attract  or  expand  the  business  to  broader  markets  and  meets  efficiency  and  effective means.  Online  transactions  is  one  of  the  example  amongst  future  applications  that  people  are    increasingly familiar with to do day-to-day transactions in Indonesia considering the promising economic growth in the next decades.  Therefore,  the  technology  experts  continually  pay  attention  to  work  and  develop  more  practical  and trustable functions by expanding or improving its key features in various platforms. This paper reports review on  two  preliminaries  studies  with  the  aim  of  obtaining  deeper  understanding  towards  the  communication behaviors of Indonesian youth on the uses of online banking services. The studies explored two different angles of young adults attitudes towards online banking transaction usage, included on how they perceive its benefits and how they experience the online transactions itself. As the paper are aimed to provide academic and practical contributions on the  understanding of  Indonesian  youth  communication  behaviors, it observes communication behaviors  to  new  digital  technology  adoption  that  reflects  and  represents  through  their  attitudes  towards  the usage of online banking transactions. 

Keywords:   youth behavior, digital communication, internet banking, cybernetic, user experience, web usability, e-Commerce.