Analyse of Smart City Concept as Supporting the Government Information Disclosure Case Study: Bandung Smart City


  • Ni Putu Nurwita Pratami Wijaya Widyatama University


Smart City is a concept for development, implementation, and implementation of technology that is applied to a region (especially urban) as a complex interaction between the various systems  inside (Pratama, 2014). This concept became very hot topic in the community, especially for big cities in Indonesia,  one of which is Bandung. Smart City concept was first proposed by the Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil with multiple dimensions of one is Government  (Smart  Government).  The  ultimate  goal  is  to  better  serve  the  public  through  the  disclosure  of information.  Basically,  according  to  Glenny  (2008)  said  “government  communication  as  one-way  communication from the government to the delivery of information to the publicâ€. This one-way communication that often lead to debate in which there will be no feedback from the community that creates an enormous amount of information that is not transparent. This paper was made with the aim of showing that through the concept of smart city with Smart Government dimension, can answer the problem in terms of the openness of government information. Paper is made by the method of in-depth description and discussion based on the existing literature. 

Keywords: Smart City, Government Communication, Bandung Smart City.