Alignments Media in the Election of Bali Governor 2013/2018


  • Ni Made Ras Amanda Udayana University


Political communication by using mass media is the most important step in democracy process. Media should be independent and make a positive role in promoting democracy. Media usaged is raising in event like election. It also happened in election of Bali Governor 2013/2018. For that, it was interesting to study how the use of the print media by Bali Governor Candidates. The study was conducted with the object of five print media with the highest circulation in Bali. The research came out that the mass media, especially the print media tended to take sides and unfair and tended to show partiality to one candidate. Even alignments that were visible in one of the print media did not ever proclaim about the other candidate pairs, proclaimed only one pair of candidates only. 

Keywords:, election, Bali, print media, political communication