Perception Of Illness And Communication Medical Residents Affected Resettlement Programme Jati Gede


  • Junardi Harahap Padjadjaran University


The  programs  implemented  by  the  government,  such  as  the  impact  of  two  different currencies  money  sides.  One  side  of  the  government  program  to  bring  the  benefits  to  the general public, but on the other hand the program also remains a problem for the population affected  by  the  program.  One  example  that  can  be  felt  from  the  government  program  is  the construction of reservoirs Jatigede programme that aims to address the drought and also the danger of flooding in the northern coast of West Java. This article does not talk globally but rather  look  to  the  health  communication  for  residents  affected  by  the  construction  of reservoirs Jatigede.  

The  research  question  of  this  study  is  how  the  perception  of  pain  and  health communication  Jatigede  residents  affected  by  the  construction  of  reservoirs.  This  research was conducted using qualitative methods to conduct in-depth interviews. The results showed that the perception of pain to society is when people cannot do farming activities as usual and cannot  do  routine  as  usual.  This  leads  to  a  perception  of  ill  health  communication  given  by the  actual  residents  as  a  form  of  disapproval  to  the  impact  of  the  construction  of  reservoirs Jatigede. 

Keywords: perception, communication, health, program, development and impact