Communication Strategy Of Cultural Diversity Based Local Wisdom A Public Relations Case Study At Biofarma


  • Nurlaela Arief Bio Farma


This paper examines the strategies for communicating Cultural Diversity based local wisdom as one of Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Through the integrated communication strategy which will lead to be the hub for all BFM’s corporate communication. Develop the communications program in order to raise the reputation of BFM by story tale of cultural diversity based local wisdom of Corporate Social Responsibility Program; Build the system of communication model for sustainable implementations. Surveyed through direct research, interviews and literature study inline with the implementation of PR Campaign and communication activities. Interviews the key important person were conducted in order to check the main issue. This research confirmed that CSR Communication Strategy with Cultural Diversity based local wisdom is able to enhance the reputation, and able to support the success of CSR Partner. Results shows that the social campaign through public relations activities and brand movement are more significant to the successfull of communication campaign for CSR Program.

Key Words: Cultural Diversity, PR Campaign, CSR, Communications