A Descriptive Case Study to the Meaning of Soft News Value in Metro Pagi News Program for Metro TV Jakarta Executive Producer


  • Lucy Pujasari Supratman Telkom University


Metro Pagi news program contains news coverage with soft news concept.  Producers of Metro  Pagi  should  select  the  news  based  on  its  objectivity.  News  value  is  highlighted through  selecting  process  by  keeping  up  producer‟s  ideology.  In  doing  this  research,  I interviewed an executive producers and producer of Metro Pagi news program in Metro TV Jakarta.  The methodology that I used is qualitative with case study approach.   This research has identified that most of Metro Pagi news program content are soft news.  It is very  rare  to  have  the  news  about  pornography,  violence  and  murder.  The  news  is  well- selected  and  has  quality  standard.  The  news  value  in  Metro  Pagi  program  was  chosen based on the material construction of producer ideology  and the television station itself.  Both of them were involved in selecting process that occupied the meaning of soft news value.   

Keyword: Metro Pagi news program, producers, news value