Event Management, A Flourishing Business in Creative Industries Theme: Communication Among Creative Industries


  • Dedi Rumawan Erlandia Telkom University


The development of media in Indonesia has brought important changes in people’s life. People nowadays can easily enjoy various events from the countries all over the world. The presence of internet has made people get any information in a split second. However, this is not enough to make many people satisfied because they want to see their beloved idols or favorites directly. Events are the media that provide programs where people can see the products directly. Event management has become a business area which has been developing quite rapidly in the country. More and more people are interested in pursuing this creative business. Unfortunately, not many of them who have started this business field are able to survive and thrive. The main factors that have hampered are lack of knowledge and experience, easily give up, not pay serious attention to details, and the absence of creative promotion. Communication skills is required to succeed in event management business because it involves lobbying, negotiating, and promoting. Fikom graduates have big opportunities to succeed in this business area. They have to be volunteers in big events first to gain knowledge, experience and networks before deciding to pursue this business seriously Running business on event management is risky, but there are still many people interested. It is because this business will give many advantages if it is managed profesionally. The benefits of running this business are financial benefits, having challenging job, giving satisfaction, getting experience and knowledge, experiencing wide social interaction, pouring out idealism and giving a chance to create history. Key words: Event Management, Creative Industry, Promotion, Networks, Business