Patuha Resort's Brand Touchpoints As “The Best Mice Resort In Ciwidey” By Analytical Hierarchy Proccess (AHP) Method


  • Itca Istia Wahyuni Telkom University


To  be  “the  best  MICE  Resort  in  Ciwideyâ€,  Patuha  Resort  must  develop  their  brand touchpoints.  The  brand  touchpoints  consist  of  tangible  and  intangible  aspect.  The  brand  touchpoints are the point contact of brand and customer perceptions. It is an important way to maximize the brand touchpoints  that  appropriate  to  their  position.  The  Positioning  of  PPAW  was  “Natural  Panoramic Resort†(before 2006) changed into Patuha Resort (after 2006) as “the best MICE Resort in Ciwideyâ€. After repositioning in 2006, Patuha Resort brandtouchpoints was not many changing. It consequently to customer perceptions that not sinronize to Patuha Resort’s positioning. Nowdays, Patuha Resort still perceived  as  resort  with  minimize  facilitieas  in  strategic  area.  Until  2011,  Patuha  Resort  still  not success  managed  theirs  positioning  as  “the  Best  MICE  Resort  in  Ciwideyâ€.  To  solve  that  problem, KBM  AEJ  as  the  management  of  Patuha  Resort,  asks  the  researcher  to  create  design  concepts  in Patuha Resort with accordance to MICE concept. This new concept brand development used to be the real Patuha Resort as “The Best MUCE Resort in Ciwideyâ€. 

To choose the most important brand touchpoints, the researcher used the Analitycal Hierarchy Process (AHP). Analytical Hierarchy process (AHP) is considered as one of decision making models that can be applied to make prioritization amongst options. In this research AHP used twice. First to choose the brand touchpoints selected and second to choose the most important brand touchpoints. To get the priority decision, the AHP method needs an option and criteria then get the most weight by the result  of  brand  expert  interview.  To  get  an  objective  appraisal,  it  would  require  assessment  of  the MICE and Brand Expert. 

The  most  important  brand  touchpoints  of  Patuha  Resort  is  Function  Room.  The  researcher coorporated  with  Triperta  Engineering  Consultant  to  create  Patuha  Resort  Function  Room  that appropriate with MICE concept.  After that, the new design reviewed by the KBM AEJ, MICE Expert and customer. At the final stage, it performed in finalizing the concept and implementation.

The new concept implements that brand touchpoints that must exist at Patuha Resort Function Room are the operator room with PC, scan, printer, telephone, fax and MIC wireless; Roastrum with reading  lamp  and  MIC  wireless;  Two  flagpoles  at  right  and  left  platform  of  stage;  Projector  screen; Projector  with  hanger;  OHP;  Enter  and  Exit  Access;  Receptionist  with  PC,  telephone  and  fax; Photocopy  machine;  Portable  meeting  table  for  65  seats  with  wireless  teleprompter;  two  capboards, twelve room speakers at right and left room side; two flipcharts in right and left side; and  Silencers, meeting lamp and wi-fi. 

 Keywords: Analytical Process Hierarchy, Brand touchpoints, Repositioning, Brand Management.