The Effect Of Television Program "Ini Talk Show NET TV" To The Behavior Changing Of Teengers In Bandung City (Student Survey At BPI 1 Bandung Senior High School)


  • Daniel Bagus Saputra Telkom University
  • Rah Utami Nugrahani Telkom University


This  study  entitled  “The  Effect  of  Television  Program  “Ini  Talk  Show  NET  TVâ€Â  to  the Behavior  Changing  of  Teenagers  in  Bandung  City  with  sub-head  Survey  on  Students  at  BPI  1 Senior  High  Schoolâ€.    This  study  uses  survey  method  with  simple  linear  regression  analysis techniques.  This  study was  conducted  to  teenage  students  at  SMA  BPI  1 Bandung  in  which  the number of population is 320 students with a total sample of 75 students based on simple random sampling.  The  purpose  of  this  study  was  to  determine  the  effect  is  there  watching  the  program “Ini  Talk  Show  NET  TVâ€Â  to  change  the  attitude  of  young  people  in  the  city  of  Bandung.  The hypothesis  of  this  study  is  stated  that  there  were  positive  and  significant  influence  between watching the program “Ini Talk Show NET TV†on adolescent attitude changes Bandung. Based on  the  results  of  this  research  is  that  there  is  a  significant  influence  in  watching  the  program “Ini  Talk  Show  NET  TVâ€Â  to  changes  in  teen  attitudes  of  Bandung,  this  is  evidenced  by  simple linear regression equation is Y = 1:30 + 0.492X, t-test (10.39) is greater than t-table (1.99). 

Keywords: effect, behavior changing, television program