The Influence of Instant Messaging Line Usage to Effectiveness of Interpersonal Communication


  • Berlian Primadani Satria Putri Telkom University
  • Bimbing Roby Irianto Telkom University


The  existance  of  smartphone  which  being  a  life  style  nowadays,  leads  the  appear  of  instant  messaging  application.  One  of  instant messaging  which  makes  many  interest  of  smartphone  users  is  Line.  By  the  users  reach  to  400  million  in  the  world  makes  instant messaging Line takes the popularity in digital native circle which on of them are university student. This research discusses the influence of instant messaging Line usage to the effectiveness of interpersonal communication among the students of Faculty Communication and Business Sciences batch 2011 and 2014. The problem formulation in this research is how the influence use of instant messaging Line to effectiveness  of  interpersonal  communication  among  students  of  Communication  Sciences  Telkom  University  batch  2011  and  2014. Goals of this study was to determine the influence use of instant messaging Line to the effectiveness of communication among students of Communication Sciences Telkom University batch 2011 and 2014. The methods used is quantitative research with correlation method with  survey  data  collection  techniques.  Study  population  is  a  student  of  Communication  Sciences  batch  2011  and  2014  Faculty  of Communication  and  Business,  Telkom  University  which  amounts  100  people.  The  sampling  technique  used  is  probability  sampling stratified sampling with approach which each batch consists of 35 respondents batch 2011, and 65 respondents batch 2014. Descriptive analysis is used for  data analysis technique, Pearson  product moment correlation analysis,  determination coefficient analysis, simple regression analysis, hypothesis test (t-test), and nor test. The results showed t count amounted to 12.165> 1.985 on table t, then Ho is rejected.  That  is,  there  is  influence  the  use  of  instant  messaging  Line  to  effectiveness  of  interpersonal  communication  among  the students. Contributions influence the use of instant messaging Line to effectiveness of interpersonal communication at 60.2% and the remaining 39.8% is influenced by variables unresearched. 

Keywords: instant messaging, LINE, interpersonal Communication .