Word Of Mouth Strategy To Promote Indonesian Culture Through Game Inheritage : Boundary Of Existance


  • Diah Agung Esfandari Telkom University


Word of mouth communication activities in a company can be used as an alternative to the promotion mix  resulting  in  more  effective  communication  and  selling.  Tinker  Games  is  one  of  the  companies who  rely  on  word  of  mouth  strategy  through  game  INheritage  :  Boundary  of  Existence  to  promote Indonesian culture. INheritage itself basically designed by Tinker Games as the first work of a major project  which  will  consist  of  a  lot  of  creative  works  in  various  media.  This  study  uses  descriptive qualitative  approach,  supported  by  constructivism.  This  study  is  intended  to  explain  the  strategy  of word  of  mouth  carried  by  Tinker  Games  to  promote  Indonesian  culture  through  a  game.  The  data obtained  in  this  study  is  derived  from  interviews,  literature,  audio  and  visual  documentation  and observation. Informants in this study is divided into two, such as the key informants consisting of one person and the informant support consisted of two people. The Discussion of this research focused on the problem that has been identified through the analysis of three indicators, such as phases five basic elements of word of mouth, word of mouth nature and the difference in function of word of mouth. These results  showed that related  to  five  elements  of  WOM  game  players and employees  of Tinker Games  are  as  talkers,  culture  as the  topics,  social  media  as tools,  respond  to  any  discussion  forums about INheritage: BoE as Taking Part element, and the use of google analytics as a tracking method. Tinker Games dividing the nature into positive and negative WOM as well as the different functions into expert to expert, expert-to-peer, and peer to peer.

Keywords: Strategy, Word of Mouth, Culture, Games, Tinker Games