Advertising’s Function Analyze of Coca Cola Ads “Shared a Coke” Indonesian version


  • Martha Tri Lestari Telkom University


Communication is some common things that peoples do everyday, everytime, everywhere. Integrated Marketing Communication such as personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, sponsorship, event, exhibition, merchandising and interactive marketing communication, are some good ways to companies to do to get their marketing products goals. Advertising‟s function are to informing, persuading, reminding , adding value and assisting. In this chapter, researcher want to research about one product from a big giant company of cola (food and beverage industries) which release a new ads of softdrink product is coca cola “share a coke†Indonesian version. This research used qualitative systematic literature review whiches related to the object (Coca Cola advertising “Share a Coke†Indonesian version) such an advertising, related articles, journals, books, and so on. Resulted from this research is Coca Coca Cola advertising‟s function of “Share a Coke†Indonesian version is to reminding customers about this product and is a part of integrated marketing creativity activities whiches related to personal selling and sales promotions activities.

Keywords : Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising’s Function, Share a Coke ads