The Use Of Video News Release For Corporate Communications In Hospital X Bandung


  • Indra Novianto Adibayu Pamungkas Telkom University


Mass  media  communication  has  changed  constantly  and  followed  by  dramatically  increased  the number of internet users. ,  PR  started to realized that the communication form becomes horizontal since people use gadget and live as account in the cyber era. The message  should be real time, fast and must be understood while sending to theri stakehlders. Video News Release  is a  ready-made, pre-packaged story—produced in broadcast news style. that is distributed by habitualy by  a PR firm to news stations across the country. It is used qualitative research that seeks to analyze the culture and behavior of humans and their groups from the point of view of those being studied. The result show that It can’t be denied that the public is mostly  misled by individuals who present themselves to  be  independent,  unbiased  experts  or  reporters  but  are  actually  shills  promoting  a  prepackaged hospital  agenda.

Key : VNR, Public Relations , Hospital