Television Reportage In Forming Political Party's Image Prior To 2014 General Election


  • Nur Atnan Rahman Telkom University
  • Edi Irawan Bina Nusantara University


Media has big influence in politics such as influencing public opinion and public attitude. Hence, media becomes very strategic and important for political parties. As the most consumed media in Indonesia, television gives most influence to the society including forming public opinion towards political party. In this research, we  use  setting  agenda  theory  and  frame  analysis.  While  the  research  conducted through qualitative method by using primary data (observation and interview) and secondary  data  (media  and  documents).  Research  shows  that  political  parties aware of the role of television as the most effective media in delivering  political messages,  including  giving  image  for  political  parties.  Political  parties  usually  takes  cooperation  and  creativity  method  as  well  as  measuring  and  even  forcing news  setting  agenda  of  such  television  channels.  However,  one  of  the  issue  that may rise problems in democracy in Indonesia is that national televion channels are controlled and owned by elite political parties. In short, television is considered as the most effective mass media to deliver message, including political messages by the  political  parties.  Nevertheless,  the  ownership  of  television  stations  by  the leader  of  political  parties  in  upcoming  election  becomes  particular  problems  in 2014 democratic party. 

Keywords : Media Television, Political Party, and Imaging