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Bandung Creative Movement (BCM)

BCM is an international event organized by the Faculty of Creative Industries, Telkom University, Bandung-Indonesia. The conference has been held annually since 2013 and consists of three main activities, namely the International Conference on Creative Industries, Professional and International Creative Industry Workshops, Art and Design Exhibitions.

Since its first event, the BCM Movement has been attended by at least 15 universities in Indonesia and abroad. The conference has presented speakers from industry, academia, and members of international professional associations from Asia and Europe. The 9th BCM accepts and selects papers to be published as proceedings. Selected papers will be published by CRC Press and are subject to submission to Scopus for indexing.

BCM 2022 Conference Theme:


When we reach the era of Society 5.0, where the goal is community-centered creativity that balances the economy in relation to problem solving in the integrated use of creative industry sustainability in cyberspace and in the next life, but how does it affect the creative industry. The 9th BCM will discuss this issue where a human-centered society will become the development of the creative industry in various main aspects in the development and sustainability of creative development.

Society 5.0 is characterized as a society where the various needs of society are distinguished and met by providing the required products and services in the required quantities to the people who need them, new value created through innovation is expected to eliminate regional, age, gender, and language gaps and can develop the sustainability of a creativity in the development of the creative industry. This topic is intended to find research findings in the Creative Industry as well as sustainability in technological developments in the future era.

BCM website: http://bcm.telkomuniversity.ac.id

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