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Jurnal BCM

Bandung Creative Movement (BCM)

The 10th Bandung Creative Movement is an international event held by Faculty of Creative Industry, Telkom University, Bandung-Indonesia. The  conference has been conducted annually since 2013 and consisted of three major  activities, namely the International Conference on Creative Industry, Professional  Workshop on Creative Industry and International Exhibition of Artwork and  Design.

Since its first event, the Bandung Creative Movement conference had been attended by at least 15 universities in Indonesia and abroad. The conference has presented speakers from industries, academics, and members of international professional associations from Asia and Europe.

The 10th Bandung Creative Movement Conference accepts and selects papers to be published as proceeding. Selected papers will be published by CRC Press and are subjects for submissions to Scopus for indexing.


BCM 2023 Conference Theme:

"Enhancing Collaboration in Arts, Design and Craft for Sustainable Creative Industries"

Enhancing studies of arts, design and craft and the interplay of collaboration that turn inventions into sustainability in creative industries are in this topic's interest. The contributions should deal with the exploration and enhancing collaboration among various stakeholder types and different organisational and process levels. Contributions in this topic should address various collaboration/coordination/cooperation types and approaches, teams and communication studies. The research findings on the role of practices in the creative industries are also welcomed.

BCM website: http://bcm.telkomuniversity.id


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